Knock Out Parkinson's is a program developed by 2 of the General Managers of TITLE Boxing Club's in Minnesota.  TITLE Boxing Club Arden Hills, & TITLE Boxing Club Lakeville.  The managers Mark Royce & Tate Wheeler, were trained through the Struthers Parkinsons Center by Maria Walde-Douglas.  They then collaborated on building a boxing program designed to give People with Parkinson's another avenue for exercising to help curb the symptoms of the disease.  The result is KNOCK OUT PARKINSON'S!  The program has members/PD patients meeting twice a week to engage in a challenging, group workout, that is sweat filled, stress relieving, & seriously fun!  There is strength in numbers, and Together we will KNOCK OUT PARKINSON'S!!!! 


The classes are structured for all levels of Parkinson's

Each class 45 minutes in length consists of 3 sections:

1. 15 minute Warmup 
Includes motor skill movements, balance exercises, stretching, strengthening drills and full body range of motion movements, basic boxing will be covered during the warmup as well.  Review of the 4 punches, and footwork drills.

2. The Fight
Members put the boxing gloves on and begin a 5 round boxing match (3 mins each) of fighting a 100 lb heavy bag.  with a 1 minute of active rest in between each round working on more leg strengthening movements.

4. Core strengthening
The last 7 minutes are designed to build a stronger core.  Standing with a medicine ball incorporating core strengthening exercises or on the floor members will work on sit-ups, crunches, leg raises, and several more exercises with variable levels of each technique based on the members abilities.

All classes are led by professionally trained & certified boxing coaches that are trained in Parkinson's Awareness.

It is fun, challenging for all and a great new way to help battle Parkinson Disease.

The 1st Class is FREE!  Come and give it a try!